If God Makes It Clean, It’s Clean

January 17th, 2011


Acts 10:1-23

The word “discriminate” has come to have a negative meaning these days. It doesn’t always mean putting down people of other ethnicities or ideas. Discrimination can mean the ability to tell the difference between the qualities of different things or ideas, or to make a good decision among multiple choices. It takes discrimination to determine the best course of action, not just from good and bad but which would be best.

All of this becomes more difficult when it comes to people. From childhood, Peter learned discernment regarding Jewish dietary laws, to know what was kosher, clean or unclean. He learned a new lesson, however, at the home of Simon the tanner: If God called something clean, it was clean. It was not Peter’s choice to decide what was acceptable to God and what was not.

Who are we to second guess God? Rather, we should rejoice and celebrate his wonderful re-creation that includes us too.

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