A Strong Hope

December 27th, 2010


Psalm 130

How often have you said “I hope so” with quite a degree of doubt? We are either a pessimist or an optimist. How often do we pray about some need, then resort to the area of negativity and say, “I hope so”?

In accepting the person of Jesus Christ into our lives, we accept him through faith in his finished work on the cross in giving his life for us. So, for the continuance of a newly found faith, hope comes next.

The positive side of hope speaks of anticipation, assurance, and confidence. Hope brings happiness; so, happiness brings contentment, an inward assurance that all shall be well. “Blessed are those . . . whose hope is in the LORD their God” (Ps. 146:5, TNIV).

There are times when the black clouds of doubt arise because of a difficult circumstance facing us. It is a fact of life for many when they just do not know where to turn. Yet, hope is the key word.

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