Are You Joyful?

December 24th, 2010


Luke 2:4-20

The birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, is the greatest thing to happen in the history of the world! Galatians 4:4 reminds us, “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman.” The time had indeed come. Mary said “yes” to God. Joseph also said “yes” to God. The months passed, and the time was right. Although there was no room in the inn for these expecting parents, God provided a lowly cow stall with a manger for the birth of Jesus. The parents were filled with joy!

The unsuspecting shepherds were also joyful beyond belief that God chose them to hear his angelic announcement and bear witness to the Christ child born that night.

When Christ the Savior is born in the manger of your heart, the cow stall of your life, then you, too, know the unspeakable joy of his forgiving presence!

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