The Power of the Bible

December 11th, 2010


Psalm 119:41-48

Several years ago, a study determined that statistically there is very little difference between the daily practices and moral standards of church attendees and those who do not attend church. Recently, the Center for Bible Engagement repeated the study with the same results, except they discovered a marked statistical difference in the daily habits of people who engaged with God’s Word four or more times a week.

Beyond going to church or even praying, the most significant influence on behavior was engagement with God’s Word. Young people who regularly study God’s Word are much less likely to be involved in destructive behaviors than their peers who do not read the Word at all.

Listening to or reading God’s living Word on a regular basis literally shapes our thinking and behavior. The psalmist found that applying God’s principles to his daily life released him to walk and live in trust, hope, freedom, love, and delight.

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