Strength For Living

December 5th, 2010

Philippians 4:10-23

Charles Meole of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, competed in the USA National Masters Weightlifting competition in 2009. He won his division with combined lifts of 57.5 kilograms or 127pounds. That may not seem like much until you find out that Charles’ division was for men over 90 years old! Charles is a hall of fame athlete with a long record of accomplishments in his sport.

Honest athletes rely on training, diet, and good health practices. Dishonest athletes have turned to banned substances or other cheating methods. Those who gain their achievements honestly are remembered with admiration.

Paul was a spiritual champion, a real hall of famer. It was Christ who gave him the spiritual power to face everything life could throw his way. Paul found his strength, and we can too.

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