From This Day On

November 28th, 2010


Haggai 2:10-23

It is thrilling to be chosen. Actors wait anxiously to hear if they “got the part.” Reality show contestants are often devastated when they are not “chosen.” A child in kindergarten came home one afternoon and excitedly announced to his mother, “They chose me to take out the garbage this week!” His mother stifled a laugh so she wouldn’t kill his enthusiasm. He had been chosen!

When the foundation of the new Temple was laid, God promised to bless His chosen people “from this day on” (Hag. 2:19). That promise was fulfilled many times over in various ways. Hundreds of years later, He sent the incomparable blessing of His own Son.

“From this day on” was a promise made in 520 B.C. Over 25 centuries have come and gone as God continues to bless His chosen people to this very day.

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