Watching Expectantly

November 13th, 2010


Micah 6:9-7:7

Did you ever watch for someone to come home? Or for some one to pick you up? Perhaps there were nervous nights watching for a son or daughter to come home. Little children and parents stand on the roadside and stretch to watch for the school bus to appear. And some of us have watched eagerly for the city bus to arrive to take us home from work. In these instances, we do not just wait, but actually look and search and watch.
Micah is watching for the Lord with eagerness and hope in the midst of a society that is untrustworthy. People lie to him. In these miserable circumstances, he watches for One who will come and help him.

Today politicians lie to us and even defraud us. Thieves lurk on Internet sites to steal our money. Like Micah, we have One who will come to help. Watch expectantly for the Lord. In desperate circumstances, we have one who will come to help.

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