The Way of Peace

November 10th, 2010


Micah 4:1-13

Amid the sword-rattling of nations and the scramble of diplomats to avoid a nuclear war, we are encouraged to read in Micah about a time when the Lord will rule and we will enjoy peace. We can only dream of a time when there will be no need of armies, when war will be unthinkable, and we will all live without fear. Today, we are aware of people in some third-world countries who live in dreaded fear of tribal attack. In the back of our minds, we fear another terrorist attack.

Humankind has not learned how to achieve social peace. Diplomacy hasn’t worked. We need a Teacher to instruct us in His ways. We are lost, with no map, no guide. Only the Teacher can show us the paths to peace.
The Teacher came and taught and showed us how to live. If we learn His lessons, we can reach social peace and live unafraid.

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