Filled With Power

November 9th, 2010


Micah 3:1-12

It is mind-boggling what our children are learning in schools today. We see many of our “traditional” values being turned upside down by “politically correct” thinking. Even in graduate school, we are taught how to think. In graduate school, I was taught to deconstruct the text of a work of literature. Simply put, to deconstruct is to ignore what is obvious in the text and search for the opposite–what is not said, in order to understand the “whole truth.”

The prophet Micah rails against the leaders and rulers of his day who have “deconstructed” God’s clear Law. While denying God’s law, they claim God’s power.

In contrast, Micah’s passion for justice and righteousness stems from within, from a relationship with God, having been filled with the power of the Spirit of the Lord. If we are to make an impact on our society today, it will have to be by the same power, filling us with the Spirit of the Lord.

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