November 7th, 2010


Joel 3:9-21

We like to think about God as loving enough to send His Son to redeem us and to provide for our needs. He is all that. But imagine God sitting on a throne prepared to judge the nations.

Some of you know the feelings you have at a performance review of your job. I become very tense when my annual review come along . And, perhaps, you have experienced facing a civil judge who held your life or your finances in his or her judgment.

Joel prophesies a grand courtroom where all the nations have been summoned to hear God’s judgment. Such a scene has captured the imagination of artists, writers, and filmmakers. Peoples’ minds know what Armageddon means and are always anticipating the next world crisis as the ONE.

God promises still to be a protector and provider for His own. Joel triumphantly declares “The LORD dwells in Zion!” (Joel 3:21b).

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