All Mighty

November 3rd, 2010


Joel 2:1-11

My country has gone to war several times in my lifetime, but I have not experienced the terror of war in my own homeland as people in other countries have. I’ve seen documentaries and films about bombs’ destruction and read about the bombing of Hiroshima. I cringe at the untold suffering of war’s ravages.

Joel describes the Day of the Lord in war-destructive terms, an army innumerable, invincible, intrusive. “The LORD thunders at the head of his army” (Joel 2:11).

One Fourth of July evening, our family went to West Point for the band concert and fireworks. Just as the impressive fireworks display got underway a sudden thunderstorm developed. Soon lightning and thunder crashed around the Hudson River valley and completely overwhelmed the puny human display.

It only takes an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane to realize the power of Almighty God and the impotence of our human intelligence and solutions.

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