October 22nd, 2010


Genesis 42:1-21

Skeletons in the closet are vicious reminders of previous sins. In the life of a believer, they can represent areas in our lives where we have avoided reconciliation. Like Joseph’s brothers, we live under the fear of being found out. All these years later, when faced with one more hardship, the first thought in their minds was guilt over selling Joseph into slavery.

They cannot see through their guilt to the reconciliation God is about to provide. They are afraid of the truth, so there is no way to be set free. They live under the belief that what goes around comes around.

In the absence of mercy, they are right. Galatians reminds us that God has built this “goes around, comes around” reality into our lives. However, Jesus is in the business of changing what we’ve sown into what He has sown. Where we sowed deception, Christ sowed forgiveness and mercy to those who are reconciled to God and each other.

We cannot afford to ignore broken relationships. We must do all we can do to seek and give forgiveness. Sow mercy. Receive mercy. This is God’s design.

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