Serve And Obey

October 14th, 2010


Genesis 40:1-8

Integrity in the Kingdom demands we keep serving, regardless of how meaningless our service might appear. Joseph has now been in prison for “some time.” He didn’t know how long this phase of his journey would last, or if it would ever end. That’s the way life is. We find ourselves in circumstances we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves, and we wonder if life will ever improve.

We are often tempted during those days to become self-absorbed. “Who cares about your needs? Don’t you see what I am going through?” We fall into our natural selfishness and lose the opportunity to see the hand of God when it presents itself.

However, Joseph hadn’t fallen into such a stupor. He stayed aware of God’s presence and embraced His hand when it was shown. The cupbearer and baker each had a dream, but no one to interpret. Joseph saw God. “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.” His quick decision to jump into what God was doing would become the pathway out of prison. Our decision to remain aware of God’s work around us keeps us walking in the pathway God has ordained.

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