Didn’t See That Coming!

October 13th, 2010


Genesis 39:11-23

When life takes turns we don’t expect, there is a temptation to accuse God of abandoning us. Finances turn south. We lose a job. A family member gets sick. The circumstances vary, but the choice remains the same. Will I choose to embrace God’s presence or rebel because it’s tough?

Joseph was falsely accused of treachery because he chose purity. The result of his integrity was a jail cell. For many of us, that would have been the invitation to give up hope and fall into despair. However, Joseph had made the choice to see God’s presence, even in hardship. In the end, God once raised up Joseph as a source of hope.

We have to make up our mind what we believe about God. Is He the kind of God who abandons us when life gets tough? Or is He the one who uses every circumstance to craft His perfect plan in our lives? When we choose to believe the latter, we build a heritage of faith that will cause those who come behind us to believe in a God who never leaves us.

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