Don’t Kill The Dreamers

October 5th, 2010


Genesis 37:12-24

People often kill dreamers (or at least their dreams). Big dreams are hard to hear. Dreams confront reality with possibility. Dreamers challenge the forces of inertia. The status quo has an iron fist. It is hard to break free from the grip of the now.

But like golden children, dreamers are not always wise. Dreamers sometimes share their dreams too early and with too many people. Not all dreams are good dreams. Not all good dreams are ready to be shared. Good dreams usually need time to brew.

People will always dream. How will we respond? We can kill the dreamers. We can kill their spirits and quiet their dreams. We can ignore them. We can shoot them down. We can throw their dreams into the cistern of a committee meeting or an E-mail file.

Or we can genuinely listen to the dreamers. We can lend life and encouragement to the dreamers, strengthening their spirits. We can help them sort out the great dreams from the passing ideas. We can help them refine their dreams as we begin to dream together with them. Together, we can fan the flames of hope which call us all toward a new reality.

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