Humbleness is Next to Godliness

October 1st, 2010

Luke 12:16-21

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling in your stomach after you have just been knocked down a peg or two?

What about after you’ve let your arrogance and pride get away with you? It’s an awful feeling, but is followed by such intense feelings of regret. You wish so much that you could go back and act like a humble person. This is the hard part. Acting humble is still just acting. Becoming a humble person takes great character, motivation, and integrity. But it also takes a willingness to say that you were wrong.

I’m married to a man who loves to tell me new things he has learned. Many of them sound unbelievable. And sometimes, they are. However, when he’s wrong about one or two of them, it doesn’t take much for him to say, “Oh, I guess I was wrong.”

I, on the other hand, hate to be wrong. But I learn a little more from him every day that admitting you’re wrong isn’t the worst thing. In fact, admitting that I’m wrong takes me one step closer to being humble. As you read today’s scripture, allow your thirst for humbleness to motivate your efforts at being more Christlike.

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