Praise God!

September 28th, 2010


Isaiah 25:1-2

Praising God is not just for God. It is for us. Terry always enjoyed going outside to admire God’s beautiful creation. As a child, one of his favorite places was Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. He loved seeing the cascading waterfalls, the amazing rock formations, and the animals that lived there. His dad and grandfather would take he and his brother up the trail. The best part was when they reached the end of the trail and looked out over a cliff. They could see down into the valleys and the tops of other mountains.

There was always this feeling of awe that swept over Terry. Now he knows that he was seeing a part of God. He was seeing God’s creation, which is a reflection of God. Even though seeing all of this was enjoyable, that is not the purpose. He does it so that he can know more of who God is.

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