September 27th, 2010

1 Chronicles 29:10-13

“I exalt You, Lord!” I remember the first time I sang these words as a child and realized I had no idea what they meant. I only used the term “Lord” when I didn’t know whether to say “Jesus” or “God.” I thought it was just a generic term for the Trinity. It wasn’t until after college when I realized that the term “Lord” and the term “exalt” had little meaning in our culture. I realized I wasn’t the only one who had no clue what I was talking about.

Most countries don’t have any royalty we have to exalt. We don’t really know what it means to call someone “Lord” and to give him honor and respect like you would have in the ancient world. Do a little research. Search online or find a children’s book at your local library to learn how common people should show respect to their “Lord.” You will be surprised at how much more the name “Lord” means.

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One Response to “Huh?”

  1. Sandra Sterkenburg Says:

    September 27th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    It is true that we Americans have no idea how to show proper respect to royality. After all we are proud to have gotten rid of the British royality in our Revolution. But this does not mean we should not know how to show respect to those deserving of it. Unfortunatily God does not seem to qualify in today’s world. The term “man upstairs,” doesn’t have a 5th percent of the reverence that “The Almighty,” “King of Glory,” or “Prince of Peace” have. It is just as blasphemous to use a term to describe God that belittles Him, as it is to use His name as a cuss word, (in my opinion). Those who use belittling terms to refer to God have not truly placed Him first in their lives, or committed their lives to His control. They are treating Him as a Santa Claus or a genie, a grantor of wishes, a fullfiller of wants, and not as the awesome God of all universes. Moses approached God trembling. Isaiah thought his lips too unclean to repeat the words of God. Ezekiel fell on his face at the appearence of God, as did others to whom He appeared. All felt unworthy to be in His presence, knowing God is all that is good and holy. To think that the most awsome being, our creator, would want us in His presence enough to come to earth as a man and die a cruel death as a man, just to make it possible for us to be reborn as creatures worthy of being with Him is mind blowing. Bow down before the King of Glory, exalt, praise, and testify of Him to the whole world. Give God His proper due.

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