Missing the Boat

September 20th, 2010


Matthew 24:36-42

Life in the church can be very busy. You have so much to do. The building needs to be cleaned, the musicians need to practice, the bulletin must be printed, and the website updated. If you don’t accomplish all of these things, what would happen on Sunday?

In stark contrast, a lone individual with a serene countenance sits quietly on the back row with her Bible in her hands. That there are important things to be done? But yes, she does know. She knows what is more important and that is her focus. Jesus is her focus! Amid all noise, she quiets her heart and seeks the face of Jesus.

The people in the day of Noah went on with the ordinary tasks of their daily lives. They were too busy to really pay attention to the fact that their neighbor was building a giant boat in his backyard. We may not be evil, but will we be too busy when Jesus comes back, doing things that we think are good, and miss the boat?

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