First, Be Reconciled

September 16th, 2010


Matthew 5:21-26

The rumors spread quickly around the church. “Julie was attending services alone. Andrew wanted a divorce.” Embarrassed with his actions and all the gossip at church, Julie continued her ministries at the church, but she became bitter. She had no joy in serving Christ.

However, one day as Julie led her Bible study group, the Holy Spirit began to gently whisper to her. He pointed out that she had a poor attitude and was unwilling to forgive Andrew. Julie knew she could not receive God’s blessing if she continued her life of bitterness and hatred. Explaining to the ladies that she had urgent business, Julie quickly returned home. With tears of repentance, she begged Andrew’s forgiveness.

New stories continue to spread among the church members. “Julie’s life is changed.” Reconciliation had taken place. There is joy.

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