The Word of Creation

September 1st, 2010


John 1:1-14

God always acts through His Word.

His Word was the creative agent by which light was separated from darkness, the waters were parted, the dry ground formed, and life bloomed. At His Word, sun, moon, and stars gave forth light; the sea teemed with life; animals filled the earth and birds the sky.

This Word is no impersonal force, it is a Person. This is the Word that “became flesh” in the womb of a Jewish maiden. This Word, John tells us, “made his dwelling among us.” Moses gave God’s commandments to the Israelites carved on two tablets of stone, but “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ”.
This Living Word is still the agent of God’s creative power.

Into the darkness of our sin, Jesus brings the light of God’s truth. The work of creation continues, the Word still speaks.

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  1. John Says:

    September 1st, 2010 at 7:33 am

    WOW! Very nice upgrade. Without sounding ungrateful please allow me to offer a few suggestions that would help me return EVERY day for Reflecting God. The new design layout is awesome, I love the tags. I really LOVE the audio. A photo or related graphic would be a nice addition. Maybe an “Avatar” or just a nice graphic instead of the audio screen popping up. This could change with the quarter’s unit to keep it fresh. It took me a while to realize the page with the tags, most popular and comments were just a click away. Is there any way to have this be the page that comes to my inbox without me having to make the extra step to get to it? If not I’d suggest adding some graphic and copy that gives instructions to get people to click through. Simple is best but extra steps are road blocks to those of us that are running 1000 miles an hour and devotions many times take the hit. We need all the help we can get to encourage daily time with our Lord… to set the day’s tone and direction. The upgrade is so impressive I want to share this with friends… how about a way to send this to a friend function. It sounds like I am really not happy… just the opposite, I am proud that NPH is moving ahead and making efforts to reach the lost. This can be a great devotional resource for someone just beginning to ask about God all the way to “lifer” Christians! Thank you for your work! God is lifted up! Thanks for listening, John

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