Nightmare Mountains

August 12th, 2010


Maybe Joe shouldn’t have stayed up late watching a TV show about the dangers of mountain climbing before going to bed. The result was a wild and crazy dream. He dreams he’s on the side of a mountain in the darkness, trying to feel his way to safety. Suddenly, he slips and finds himself balanced on a ledge. Just as he wakes up, he falls out of bed! As he comes to his senses, he smiles in relief, thankful that his fall wasn’t into his dreamed-up chasm, but just a short distance to the firm security of the floor.

The psalmist, like everyone else, has sometimes found himself right on the edge of disaster. However, he’s come to realize that he has a Resource that the unrighteous lack. Even when I’m out on the ledges of life, I reach out and find the Lord close by, offering His steady, strong hand. When the problems of my life are the real deal and not the result of a nightmare, the Lord is right there.

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