Blessed To Be a Blessing

August 8th, 2010


If the nation is built upon the strength of communities, the strength of communities is found in the character of its families. The relationship of the individual with God is the cornerstone of the family and therefore the foundation of the entire nation.

Psalm 128 is a ceremonial blessing like the tradition of a wedding toast which declares not what is, but what we desire for the new couple. The circumstances of life will not always be what we hope for, yet the fact remains: the Lord’s favor rests upon those who walk blameless before Him. This assures not the absence of hardship or struggles; rather, His presence, strength, and hope even during life’s most difficult challenges.

The blessing of God impacts the nation and future generations. In such a way, the blessed will bless the nation with strength, peace, and stability all because of one who fears the Lord and walks in His ways.

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One Response to “Blessed To Be a Blessing”

  1. pam Says:

    August 8th, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Amen with God on our side nobody can defeat us, that is unless we let them. God didn’t promise life would be perfect. He did promise to be there when we call upon Him. Too many christians today forget to praise God when life is tough; for many more that’s the only time they talk to God. We need to PraiseGod always, I have noticed in my own life the more I praise God the easier life gets.

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