June 23rd, 2010


Heartburn is a reaction to something else going on in your body. It might be indigestion, a reaction to the Indian food you had at dinner. Or it might be something much more serious. No matter its cause, heartburn cannot be ignored. It is your body’s way of getting your attention.

Jesus revealed himself to the two He had been walking and talking with on the way to Emmaus. Then, He disappeared. After Jesus was gone, they talked about what had happened. “Were not our hearts burning within us?”. “We should have known Him. Why didn’t we recognize Him?” Fortunately, Jesus did not leave them on their own to figure it out. He showed himself to the two, and they could no longer ignore the truth.

There are signs all around, and, yet, so many refuse to believe. Pray for those who have not acknowledged the truth of who Jesus is. Pray that as their hearts are moved by the Spirit, and they will believe.

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