Even To The Unreachable

May 29th, 2010


Shortly after the Iraq invasion in the early ‘90s, Ray was asked to coordinate the start of a radio ministry in Arabic for the Middle East. After several trips to train, equip, and encourage the speaker, and after contracts were signed with a Cyprus radio station, the three-times-a-week broadcasts began. Soon, letters with questions poured in: “Who is this Jesus you speak of?” “A relationship with Christ? How?” Carefully and skillfully, the speaker replied. Soon he was mentoring scores of individuals all over the Middle East who wanted to know more about this Christ they had never heard of in this manner. Once, while visiting the man, he showed Ray a letter from a prisoner in Saudi Arabia. His testimony was one of victorious acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior.

Ray grew up in a missionary home, and worked with them during his career. One thing they have in common: share God’s plan of salvation with as many as possible, as soon as possible, and by all means possible. Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

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