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May 23rd, 2010


How many names are on your E-mail list? How many Facebook friends do you have? How many hits do you get to your blog every month? All these are modern means by which we “spread the word.” It is easy to get a prayer request sent around the world to hundreds of prayer partners with the touch of a button.
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It was not so easy in Paul’s day. Yet, one of the extraordinary miracles of God recounted in the Acts is the manner in which the Word of God spread. The Word of God spread, continued to increase and spread, spread through the whole region, and spread widely. The Church grew as the Word spread; believers were added and multiplied as the Word went out.

Unlike often-told tales of human origin, the gospel message gains power with frequent telling. The impact of modern methods of messaging is frequently intensifying the impact, but the more widely the Word of God spreads, the more it grows in power.

Have we done enough to spread the Word of God with all the means at our disposal?

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