A Turning Point

May 5th, 2010


A blinding light robbed Saul of sight but gave him insight. A voice from heaven, calling Saul by name, had to come from someone mightier than angels or saints. The Lord had confronted and challenged him, and the Lord’s name was “Jesus.”

Who is Jesus? He is the head of His Body, the Church, and therefore He is persecuted when they are persecuted. Who is Jesus? He is the Good Shepherd who calls His sheep by their names. That He called Saul by name implied a U-turn in Saul’s life. Read the Gospels. Do you hear Jesus calling any of those who opposed Him and crucified Him by name? The names He calls are those of men and women who follow Him.

When Jesus is Lord, life is never the same again. Saul’s turning point proved to be a turning point in the history of the whole world for all time. When someone turns to Jesus, you never know what wonderful and significant things will result. Seeing a light, hearing a voice–these are incidental to conversion. The turning, the life change, the new road taken–these are essential.

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